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Be bold. 

Brighton, CO

The Conference

Two Days of Powerful Education and Entertainment
19& 20 March 2020

The mission of this youth conference is to empower young people from across the state to use their voice to impact government and become active community members. We want to build networks amongst young leaders here in Colorado! On day one of this event, we will offer attendees a sampling of breakout workshops from art to diversity in hopes to empower leaders, inspire community activist, and build confidence. On day two we will give attendees the opportunity to put their new-found skills and confidence to work, learning about local government and having the opportunity to meet and converse with elected officials from across the state.  


This will be our sixth annual conference and space is limited, so get registered! We are thankful for our continued financial support that allows us to bring in the best speakers, entertainers, and community shakers. This year's conference theme is... "Individually unique, together complete"! 


What to Expect in 2020...









2020 Keynote Speakers


2019 Breakouts

Drumming Hands 2.jpg

Building Resilience Through Self-Expression

Building Resilience Through Self-Expression is a therapeutic drumming activity aimed at helping individuals silenced by stressful experiences, victimization, marginalization, and powerlessness. Rediscover the power of their voice to tell their story and change the narrative by learning to play tradition African drums (Djembe)/rhythm.

Created and facilitated by Francis Agyakwa

You Only Get One Shot: Keys to Making a Great First Impression

First impressions are lasting impressions. That's why it is so important to make the first impression a good one. But the key question is how? Join us as we explore the key components of first impression, create a personal introduction, and practice these skills together.

Ninja Nation

Ninja Nation is bringing out 120’ obstacle course and a 12’ Warped wall similar to the show American Ninja Warrior! Built and designed by local Ninja Warrior Brian Arnold. You can run, jump, and swing your way thru this challenging course! There are two lanes, so challenge your friend to a race!

Find your Flavor: Using Food and Spice to Find our Unique and Collective Voices

Our stories make us who we are, and they are also powerful tools when it comes to making the world a better place. What makes up your story? Is it where you come from, the way you heat things up when you enter a room, your calm and healing presence? Use our delicious combination of spices to create a mix that represents your unique blend of qualities, see how your strengths compliment others', and take home a bag of flavors that can give you inspiration and courage when you need to take a stand.

Task Party

You are invited to a once in a lifetime, life affirming, life changing, blink and you miss it, incredible, death defying program… where every space is a gallery or stage and everyone is the star! TASK is an improvisational party with a simple structure and very few rules; draw a task and complete it as only you can. Who knows what you will do or create!

Improv Your Way Through Public Speaking​

In this fun and interactive workshop, we will use improv acting skills and tricks to improve your public speaking and presentations. This is a no stress, no fear environment where we will play games, be silly, and have fun together, all while learning some tried and true tips for being a more confident and engaging speaker!

Zines for the Revolution

Zines are hand-made publications that first became popular during the thriving punk subculture in the 70s. Nowadays, zines are still made by many of the great change agents in our country, and respond to the world and politics around us. During this session with PlatteForum staff, create a zine that reflects your personal art practice, as well as your identity and opinions about social change in America. Participants will learn how to cut and fold zines, create lo-tech prints, collage and respond to drawing and writing prompts. At the conclusion of this workshop, take your zine home to share with others, and replicate more zines to keep spreading your message!

Gen Z! An Invitation to the Triple A Club- Advocacy, Allyship, and Allegiance

We have the power to use our voice, skills and talents in inspiring ways.  Join us in partnering to be advocates and allies and stand together in allegiance to empower yourselves and your communities.

Mask off! Who are you?

This talk is geared towards young adults. The content challenges them to tap into their true selves, and remove the mask that all men and women have worn at some point in their lives. 

The Phoenix Rising program uses the 3-part process of expression,
connection, and transformation, to help youth articulate painful events or
circumstances in their lives; provide an opportunity to release the pain
and fear of those experiences among peers and mentors; and offer guided
writing prompts so youth can use strong, healthy words that encourage an
identity based on choice rather than victimization

Art from Ashes

Check back at the end of the month for a list of 2020 Breakout sessions!

Thank you 2020 Sponsors

*Students will be split into groups with attendees from various geographic locations to facilitate networking*


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