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2020 Image Summit-Canceled

Along with the rest of the world, the Office of Youth Services has been carefully evaluating the COVID-19 pandemic and what that means for the 2020 Image Summit. The health and safety of our participants, vendors, community partners, and volunteers is our number one priority. At this time, it is with a heavy heart that we inform you, the 2020 Image Summit is canceled. Due to the uncertainty of the situation, and the thousands of large and small details needed to coordinate this event, we don’t see postponing for a second time to be a viable option.


The Image Summit was founded on the idea to empower young people across the state of Colorado to use their voice, and impact local government. We hope you continue to use your voice, especially during difficult times like these, because your voice matters! We appreciate your understanding, and we already have our sights set on 2021.


Within the next two weeks, we will be issuing partial refunds to all attendees. We are unable to refund the eventbrite service fee.

The Conference

Two Days of Powerful Education and Entertainment
May 5 & 6, 2020
Two Days of Powerful Education and Entertainment

The mission of this youth conference is to empower young people from across the state to use their voice to impact government and become active community members. We want to build networks amongst young leaders here in Colorado! On day one of this event, we will offer attendees a sampling of breakout workshops from art to diversity in hopes to empower leaders, inspire community activist, and build confidence. On day two we will give attendees the opportunity to put their new-found skills and confidence to work, learning about local government and having the opportunity to meet and converse with elected officials from across the state.  


This will be our sixth annual conference and space is limited, so get registered! We are thankful for our continued financial support that allows us to bring in the best speakers, entertainers, and community shakers. This year's conference theme is... "Individually unique, together complete"! 

What to Expect in 2020...









2020 Keynote Speakers


2020 Breakouts


Take Me to Your Leadership

Some people are born leaders, others are cultivated leaders, and no two leaders are the same. Take Me To Your Leader(ship) is an interactive workshop that uses play to explore what it means to be a good leader, strategies that when in a leadership position, and how to inspire leadership in others. This workshop will allow participants to both step into a leadership role and into a team role, inspire others, and have some fun!

Express Yourself

We will be learning how to bring out our own confidence through power stances mixed into fun improv games.  Games like The Director and the Question game.  After all if you want something in life you simply need to ask for it, keep in mind it's not what you say but how you say it.  With confidence!

Exploring Diversity in the World Around You

Exactly what is diversity and what does it have to do with you? In this interactive workshop you will learn about all the ways to see diversity within the people around you and in yourself. Be ready to ask questions, share your story and learn something new about how diversity matters in our world!

Lion's Roar Bold and Confident 

Roaring lions can be heard five miles away. In this breakout session we will discover characteristics of the mightly lion, roar out our identity and create a craft to take home to remind us who we are.

The Power of Belief: Experience the power of believing in
yourself and others!!

We all share in this human experience which at times includes undesirable treatment from others or unfortunate circumstances out of our control.

Come unleash powerful tools to rise above circumstance and limiting beliefs!

Join your peers to be inspired, encourage others, let loose and have fun!

Shake It Up

Ever wonder what making butter has to do with social change? Like cream becoming butter, sometimes when you get shaken up, you change. And often those stories of personal change can change the minds of others, and of people with power. In this workshop we will learn how to make butter, tell our own stories, and start to think about using storytelling for making change. 

Joining us on the 5th-8th and 9th-12th!

Ninja Nation

Ninja Nation will be bring out 2 of their Pro Courses! Participants can choose to race each other on the side by side racing lanes. Obstacles will challenge individuals to work on multiple skills including: Balance, Coordination, Agility, Speed, Power, and Endurance. The Ninja Nation Staff will instruct students on what it takes to be a Ninja. Not only physically but mentally. With the focus on perseverance. Because to be a Ninja you must not be good at just one skill but many. Only individuals with the mindset to get back up and try again after falling, succeed at the sport of Ninja Warrior.

Joining us on the 5th-8th and 9th-12th!

Tapping Into the Power of Your Story

Stories are all around us. How do we harness our own inner story to find confidence in how all of our diverse backgrounds contribute to the world? Through the use of games and fun activities, we will explore the power of storytelling to leave with a deeper understanding of ourselves and how to communicate who we are.

Extremely Hot Lava

“Learn the basics of teamwork and survival through a series of thrilling games of “Hot Lava”. Play, learn, and grow, but whatever you do, don’t touch the ground.”


What is privilege and why does it matter?

Through an interactive and thought-provoking exercise, we’ll explore various forms of privilege and how they show up in our daily lives. More importantly, we’ll talk about why privilege matters, and how we can make our live and world more inclusive. 

Caleb Munro (2).jpg

Conquering Your Inner Critic

The Inner Critic is a powerful voice that is mean, harsh and critical of our actions and the decisions. The Inner Critic is the voice you have running through your head that tells you, “You’re a bad friend,” “You’re so ugly,” “You’ll never be good enough.” We would never say these things to our best friend, yet we often say them to ourselves. To conquer our Inner Critic we must first examine what our Inner Critic is telling us and then learn tools to quiet this harsh, mean voice! 

More to be announced soon!

Thank you 2020 Sponsors

*Students will be split into groups with attendees from various geographic locations to facilitate networking*


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